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Effective Resume

The length of the resume should be maximum two pages.
  • Name, address and all contact details should appear as header.
  • Mention residence land line number, if any.
  • Email account should be checked daily.
  • Mention date of birth and not age.
  • Always Mention latest employment first.
  • Mention date of joining and leaving each employment.
  • Mention reason for leaving each employment.
  • Write two lines on business of your present employment. And also exact location.
  • Mention Present Cost to Company (Annual gross including gratuity)
  • Always date your resume.
  • Keep two references ready with their email and contact details including ideal time to contact.
  • Please keep your references informed about this.
  • Ensure that your one of the references is a professional colleague, ideally ex-boss.
  • Mention year of passing and percentage for each important examination.
  • Do not mention passport number unless the position requires it.
  • Update your resume every three months.
  • Always send a freshly worked resume arranging and stressing important facts relevant to the job profile of the position applying for.
Remember : There is only one key to success. Better yourself.